The Godfather

The Godfather

    He is big 4 meters tall and over 4 ton in weight, he is the "Godfather"
    He stands still before me in all his magnificence, raising his trunk filled with the red Kalahari dust.
    In one fluid movement he sprays his forehead and for one brief moment he is covered in the magic of dust and light.
Photo by peter Delaney

Victoria River Sunset

    This beautiful sunset disguises the fact that this river is teeming with saltwater crocodiles.
Photo by Ian Lumsden

Breakfast in Yosemite

    All that is required to surprise and delight is to go out early on a winter morning in Yosemite and keep your eyes open wide.
    Below the south face of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley
    Photo by Tony Williams

Leap of relief

Namib Dessert
Did you notice the car below and the hot air balloon to the top right?

Leopard leap

Stepping out of the water

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