Sunrising Jellyfish

Sunrising Jellyfish

Jellyfish Cotylorhiza tuberculata drifting just beneath the surface looking for capturing the first sunrays to trigger their symbiotic algae to produce energy for it.
photo location   Mar Menor coastal lagoon, Murcia province, Spain
Photo by Angel Fitor

The Blue Pond & first snow

"The blue pond" of the famous tourist resort.
This is a place where many tourists gather in spring, summer, and autumn.
However, since this pond freezes in winter, nobody is during that period.
This photograph is the moment first snow of the season is falling in that blue pond.
Why is blue? This is because the underground hot spring ingredient is gushing.
This blue pond changes a color every day.
I think that mystical blue and pure white snow are beautiful.
All are nature's tints.


Photo by Shikhei Goh, Indonesia

Panic in the Pan

I was leading a photographic safari in Tanzania's, Serengeti National Park. It was midday and we came across a dazzle of zebra approaching a waterhole the quench their thirst. Every few minutes the zebras will enter the water to drink, just to panic and scatter out of the water again.
Photo by Marius Coetzee

The Hunt

Photo by Stefano Pesarelli
Kenya, Masai Mara National Reserve

Happy Belugas

Beluga whales in the artic having fun.
North Russia


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