All-Bran Rusks

500 G Margarine 600 G Sugar (3 Cups) 500 Ml Butter Milk 3 Large Eggs 1 Kg Self-Raising Flour 15 Ml Baking Powder 5ml Salt (1 Teaspoon) 250 G All-Bran Flakes (6 Cups) 100 G Oats (1¼ Cups) 75 G Sultanas (½ Cup) 1. Melt The Margarine. Beat Sugar, Buttermilk And Eggs Together. Sift Self-Raising Flour, Baking Powder And Salt Together In A Large Mixing Bowl. Add The All-Bran, Oats And Raisins To The Flour Mixture And Mix. Add The Margarine To It And Then The Buttermilk. Mix Well. 2. Grease 3 Breadpans, Each With A Volume Of 1,5 Litre's (6 Cups). Pour Mixture Into The Pans And Even The Tops. Bake For ± 45 Minutes At 180ºc Until Golden Brown. 3. Turn The Breadpans Over Onto A Rack And Leave Until Cooled Down. Cut Each "Bread" Into 2,5 Cm Slices And Each Slice Into 4 Fingers. Dry The Rusks Out In The Oven At 60 - 80ºc For 6-8 Hours Or Until Properly Dry.


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